Group 10 Capital operates four distinct, yet complementary alternative investment verticals.

Real Estate:

Group 10 members have been involved in numerous sectors of the real estate industry with deep industry roots. Areas of investment and interest include:

Distressed Real Estate Notes (Residential and Commercial)

Garden Style Multi Family

Value Add Commercial

Non Owner Occupied Private Lending

(Primary Areas of Focus are SE Florida and SE Michigan)

Non Bank Lending:

Group 10 partners have been involved in the alternative lending space since 2007. Areas of investment and involvement include:

Real Estate Bridge Loans

Small Business Loans & Advances

Peer to Peer Lending


Group 10 partners have decades of experience in public markets both on the equity and the debt side. We combine best in class due diligence as well as an outside-the-box approach to financing solutions. Current areas of investments and involvement include:

Direct Investments into lower middle market US public companies (both debt and equity)

Stock Loans to non-US Public Companies and/or Shareholders


Members of Group 10 have decades of experience operating and managing Dental Service Organizations. Group 10 seeks opportunities in the Dental arena. Areas of involvement include:

Dental Practice Management

Alternative Financing for Dentists

Non Prime Patient Financing

Dental related infrastructure & technology